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Blake Lively Vs reporter at Variety Power of Women

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Blake Lively participated in this year’s Variety Power of Women. She gave a speech, last week, about her fight against child pornography. Unfortunately, approaching the venue, a reporter focused on the wrong thing and got an assertive reaction.

Power of Women

Variety has an early event meant to raise awareness about meaningful causes. It gives an opportunity to demonstrate and motivate the fight for women’s rights or child abuse, for instance.
Every year, Variety chooses five distinguished women that have been able to be use their sphere of influence to leverage the fight for such causes. This year’s honorees are: Jessica Chastain (Planned Parenthood), Chelsea Clinton (Alliance for a Healthier Generation), Gayle King (SEO Scholars), Blake Lively (Child Rescue Coalition), Audra McDonald (Covenant House), and Shari Redstone (Legal Services Corp.).

Jessica Chastain Chelsea Clinton Gayle King Blake Lively Audra McDonald Shari Redstone
Jessica Chastain, Chelsea Clinton, Gayle King, Blake Lively, Audra McDonald and Shari Redstone.

Blake had the opportunity to give a speech at last week’s Variety’s Power of Women: New York honorees. The speech was a powerful and emotional demonstrating her experience during her fight against child pornography.

I would do anything to protect them, I would literally die…


Blake Lively Vs reporter

Blake Lively presented herself wearing a gorgeous green outfit. Of course, that’s how she normally makes herself  appear in public. But this event wasn’t about fashion, was it?

When she approached the red carpet, a less than aware reporter asked about her wardrobe choice for the evening. Blake handled it very ladylike, considering, but demonstrated very clearly that the question was very out of context.

A link to a Twitter clip catches a glimpse of the tone of the response. Do you think that it was called for or that the reporter should have better a better choice of questions for that kind of event?

Blake Lively at Variety Power of Women
Blake Lively at Variety Power of Women
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