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Elon Musk just got a new toy for the Boring Company

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Elon Musk hinted several times that he was not pleased with L.A. traffic. Time is money and his time sure is valuable, split between all his ventures, kids and new girlfriend – Amber Heard. So, finally, late last year his bubble burst and he made a decision. Elon Musk created a new company – the Boring Company.

Elon Musk Boring Company
Twit storm that started it

2D travel on a 3D world

You know that Elon Musk doesn’t follow established conventions. He is all about going back to the basics and find the best, most efficient way to solve a problem or challenge that could potentially have a profound impact on a lot of people.

L.A. traffic jams obviously qualify as problem that affects more than a bunch of drivers. Elon has spoken about this a few times. He sees our regular transit system fundamentally flawed.

We live and work on 3D objects. So, in accordance with him, it doesn’t make sense to have a basically 2D network to travel between 3D structures. It should also be a 3D transit system much like blood vessels work on our body.

Creating air suspended roads might not be the most aesthetic solution. Some point to flying cars. But that would have serious regulatory and be a source of noise pollution.

Thus, the “obvious” solution is to go underground instead of up. This is not without its irony, since his first company that Musk created after PayPal was Space Exploration Technologies – also known as SpaceX.


Traffic is driving me nuts. Am going to build a tunnel boring machine and just start digging…
Elon Musk’s Tweet


The Boring Company

Elon Musk has finally announced that he was actually going to do something about it, despite already being CEO of too other time consuming companies.

The Boring Company aims at cutting down the constraints caused by roads crossing each other at the same level. With tunnels you could actually travel from point to point without any obstacle to prevent you from using you lane and your car to the maximum potential (speed). At the same time, you neither cause or suffer from de potential hazard that would be interacting with other vehicles doing so.


The image below shows a portion of this new boring machine. We don’t know exactly how it is any better than existing technology. But, if there is something that we know is that the tech savvy entrepreneur is an expert on bringing it down to the basics and then coming up with the most efficient solution.

What do you think the big innovations will be? Leave a comment below.



Elon Musk Boring Company
The boring machine inside the “big hole” at SpaceX parking lot