Tesla Full Self Driving seems to Auto Fold Mirrors

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Tesla Full Self Driving seems to Auto Fold Mirrors?

So, apparently, Teslas on the new full self driving (FSD) beta firmware have a few tricks up their sleeves. All in the name of self perseverance. That is, if all the other of Isaac Asimov’s “Three Laws of Robotics” are not at stake. You know – obeying and not hurting us humans on the way.

So check out this video to get a glimpse of the future:

Have a look at Tesmanian’s article about Tesla Full Self Driving seems to Auto Fold Mirrors while we take some time to digest it.

To all Tesla drivers: this is the beta software. People recording these clips are not your run-of-the-mill drivers here. Outside Tesla’s own employees, these must be some of the most Tesla experienced drivers out there. Unless you have been contacted by the manufacturer, do not assume that you car is able to pull this off. Be safe out there!

Stick with us for some updates on this. Have a look at our other topics while you do so. You might have some spare time these days…


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Source Tesmanian
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