NASA Crew-1 Delayed until Nov. 15 at 7:27 p.m. EST


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NASA Crew-1 Delayed until November 15 at 7:27 p. EST, announces Administrator Jim Bridenstine. Winds seem to be the culprit this time.

This mission has been delayed in the past due to some technical issues with a couple of Falcon 9 Merlin engines. Spaceflight Now goes in depth on this subject. Go ahead and check that article for that juice technical stuff.

Meanwhile, the four astronauts seem to be in good mood. Soichi Noguchi, a Japanese aeronautical engineer and JAXA, recently reported having completed the dress rehearsal.

Here you go with some cool pics from the past few days.

As a curiosity, NASA is sharing this digital ticket for you to have and share. Just don’t actually show up in person for the event.



In the meantime, let’s hope that nothing more gets in the way of this exciting event.

Until then, Stay tuned for more on this.


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