Starship 15 km launch date set


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Starship 15 km launch date was set by Elon Musk. The prototype should debut high altitude launch and landing this wednesday.

This bit of information was confirmed through the CEO’s twitter account yesterday after Michael Baylor announced road closure for Boca Chica area surrounding SpaceX’s facility. Elon Musk promptly replied:

After a few successful prototype test hops, it’s time for the next stage of tests. This time, Starship is expected to launch and climb to 15 kilometers with three Raptor engines. Then, it’s supposed to fall and glide gracefully (hopefully) through the skies before doing a flip maneuver and land back on it’s upright position.

Tony Bela did a great job explaining the launch sequence through this infographic. Not only that, but you can actually get a review over this last few tests up until now.

Starship 15 km launch date


Obviously, we are all anxious for this launch. Elon musk did say that SpaceX would do some kind of video coverage of this event, webcast style. We don’t have a link yet, but we’ll keep you posted.

Until then, check out Tim Dodd’s preview coverage in loco.



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