SpaceX Moon Trip Looking For Candidates

Dearmoon, SpaceX Starship civilian moon trip, is looking For Candidates. Japanese entrepreneur Yusaku Maezawa is now looking for candidates.

What Is Dearmoon Anyway?

As mention in a previous post, Dearmoon is a privately funded trip around the Moon. Japanese entrepreneur Yusaku Maezawa wanted to make use of his fortune to fund this all-artist crew. We are talking about, singers, composers, painters, actors, you name it. By doing so, they would bring all of what they experienced to inspire folks back on Earth.

The flight profile is actually designed to sling past the Moon, making it the furthest that any human has been from Earth. Pretty exciting stuff.

Initially, the mission was supposed to be accomplished by making use of the already tested Dragon V2 capsule. However, since the crew was always going to be bigger than Dragon’s theoretical limit of seven, Yusaku and SpaceX quickly moved it to the bigger and roomier Starship. The only issue is that it is very much a prototype right now. As I type, it’s supposed to make its third big hop and attempt the first landing without the subsequent Elon-trademarked rapid unscheduled disassembly (or RUD for the fans).

SpaceX Moon Trip Looking For Candidates Everywhere

Initially, Yusaku Maezawa was searching for a crew of artists to join in  (he is an art buff, and he will let you know about it). However, it didn’t seem that there were that many artists lining up for this never-tried-before-all-civilian-trip-on-a-still-to-build-rocket-moon-slingshot.

Now, the search scope has been widened to pretty much anyone interested. In a recent video (posted below), Yusaku explained that he had been reflecting on what meant to be an artist. And, the more he did it, the more he realized how much he could be limiting his own goal by not opening up to a broader range of options.  In fact, being an entrepreneur, he must have realized the benefit of diversity.

The Application Process

So, how do I apply, you might be asking? Run to the Dearmoon website, scroll one screen worth of content and click “Join the crew”. You will be asked to fill out a basic information form, with your name and email. “You will receive an email about the selection process sometime after March 15, 2021.”

And, by the way, don’t forget to download the rendered image of you bravely wearing the SpaceX helmet to share with friends. Here is the example on the website:

SpaceX Moon Trip Looking For Candidates - Yusaku Maezawa

So, will you apply for this adventure? Are you feeling lucky, punk? The latest intel shows that there are already more than 100k candidates for one of the 8 seats.

Right now, the estimation for the trip is 2023. Just around the… Well, that other corner. Elon Musk feels very confident that Starship will be ready and tested with some orbital flights under the belt.

I can’t wait for the launch date.

Until then, check out the latest Dearmoon video, below, and keep posted for more updates.



Source Dearmoon Yusaku Maezawa (MZ) @yousuckMZ
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