SpaceX Starship Selected By NASA as Moon Lander

Nasa has just selected SpaceX Starship as Moon lander. Check out this awesome video that talks about it in a very condensed and understandable way.

Make sure to check NASA’s announcement.

Meanwhile, stay tuned for more news. Cheers!

Things to notice

1) It’s said on the video that this is a single-stage to the moon solution. Do they mean that this Starship version has delta-V enough to reach the Moon without the booster or that, unlike the other competitors, it doesn’t stage from moon orbit to its surface?

2) If you look carefully, you can notice that the landing leg design is new. more like a Falcon Nine adaptation with a body frame like Crew Dragon Super Draco engine’s housing.

3) Gone seem to be the upper side engines, supposed to prevent lunar regolith from being blasted around during landing. You can kind of see a small ring of thrusters, below the solar panels.

Source NASA SpaceX
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